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Sign Post Base
Bumper Block
Bumper Block
Monument Footing
Chimney Blocks

We produce a wide range of precast products.   
Footing Blocks

    Post Hole Footings- 12" and 16"
    Memorial Stone Footing- 24x12x4
    Memorial Stone Footing- 26x12x4
    Memorial Stone Footing- 30x18x2
    Memorial Stone Footing- 30x18x4
    Memorial Stone Footing- 36x12x4
    Memorial Stone Footing- 42x18x4
    Memorial Stone Footing with a hole- 30x18x4
Manhole Components

    Manhole Adjustment Rings- 1", 2" & 3"
    24" Diameter x 3ft Catch Basins
    4ft Diameter Manholes, Bases, Cones & Flat Tops available by special order
Miscellaneous Products

    Barrier Wall 3ft x 8ft
    Bumper Blocks 8ft
    Bumper Blocks 6ft
    Sign Post Bases with 6ft or 8ft post & cap
    Window Sills 8", 10", &12"
    Splash Blocks 30"
    Patio Slabs 24" x 24"
    Chimney Blocks 8" x 8" and 8" x 12"
    Benches 4ft x 18in with legs - Ivy Design or Smooth Top
    Picnic Tables